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Reliable Denture Relines and Repairs in Lac Ste Anne, Barrhead & Parkland counties.

Dentures need to be maintained to function properly. This means that, while the overall function of the denture may be ok, the fit might become loose, or sores may appear due to changes in your mouth. A reline can often help provide a few more years of function to your denture. We offer quality denture relines and repairs in Onoway and Barrhead and the surrounding areas.             


Occasionally, a denture is dropped or even broken due to being loose-fitting. Teeth can be added to a denture and cracks can be bonded together again. Denture repairs and relines can often provide a bridge to when it is more suitable for the individual to replace a denture.


Nothing is more inconvenient than being without your dentures or dealing with ill-fitting dentures for any period of time. So for your convenience, relines and repairs are typically completed on the same day to get you on your way. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment.

Importance of Relining Your Dentures

Dentures are usually made of hard plastic polymer or acrylic that wears out with daily use and improper care and cleaning. Natural wear and tear from biting and chewing can also cause the denture to wear out, which leads to cracks or fractures. To get the best advice and denture repairs and relines in Barrhead - call Lac Ste Anne Denture Clinic Ltd. to book your visit!


Changes and shrinkages in the jaw bone and oral soft tissue may also cause your dentures to fit unevenly, trap food and plaque and make them uncomfortable and difficult to use. This is when you need to get your dentures relined - by adding material to the inner plate of your dentures so that it hugs your gums to adapt to changes in the hard or soft tissues of your mouth or by repairing and replacing lost or broken parts.


Your denturist may take impressions of your mouth and reline your dentures in the office that day itself. In the case of a big change, your denturist may need to send your set to a lab which may take longer. Whatever the problem is, you can rely on our denturists to get your job done quickly. Call us now to book an appointment at our clinic!

Reasons To Not Delay Denture Repairs

It's important to get your dentures repaired or relined as soon as possible to avoid pain, discomfort and the risk of developing other oral issues. Here are some other important reasons:


·       Denture repairs can help you restore the natural look and allow you to eat and speak without feeling self-conscious.

·       Damaged dentures can cause misalignment in your bite and even cause pain in the jaws and headaches. Repairing your denture will solve the discomfort and pain.

·       A broken or missing tooth on your dentures can affect the entire balance of your bite and the movement of other teeth. Replacing the tooth and repairing your dentures will keep the remaining teeth in place and help maintain their health.

·       A broken or ill-fitting denture can cause inflammation, irritation and blisters, leading to gum infection or gum disease if left untreated.


Lac Ste Anne Denture Clinic Ltd. has been serving Lac Ste Anne, Barrhead and Parkland counties with long-lasting and affordable denture service since 2004. Explore our testimonial sections to see what our customers say about their experience.



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